Contract Service

Contract Service

We provide full service contract roasting and private label services to our customers who prefer to ship coffee products under their own labels and brand names. Our state of the art roasting and packaging facilities and our professional team allows our customers to offer premium coffee products without capital investment in expensive equipment or spend time developing the expertise needed to roast and package your own coffee brands.

Private Label Program

A private label program gives you the strong advantage of furthering your brand within your market. Whether you are a new or established cafe, supermarket, or an online coffee merchant, we will work with you to build a private label program that will allow you to supply premium coffee at a very affordable cost base.

Contract Roasting

It’s simple and easy to get your green coffee roasted in our industrial grade and fully computerised roaster. Our state of the coffee roaster is imported and fitted with modern technology by one of the leading Korean Coffee Roaster suppliers, Proaster.
We are happy to work with all types of customers.

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