Pullman Tamper - Barista Tamper


Baristi and home enthusiasts throughout the world have chosen the Pullman Tamper because it represents a premium quality piece of engineering expertise, inividually made to your unique requirements, and designed and produced by a coffee lover who knows what it has to do.

Every aspect of the design of Pullman Tampers is there to enhance performance, endurance, and aesthetic appeal; from the ergonomic handle, the dimensions and angles on the base, and the TrueTamp rings to assist in getting an even tamp. They're not just another production-line tamper either - each tamper is an individual work of art, measured, weighed and stamped with its own serial number - uniquely yours.

The Barista tamper is the flagship product, offering a full feature set - a wide range of handle materials and colours, choices for bases, a range of engraving options, all wrapped up in a product that came about through extensive pre-production consultation and prototyping with commercial operators to ensure it was ready for prime time from day 1. The result has been a unit which meets the unique requirements of high-volume high-quality commercial espresso bars and has exceeded the expectations of those involved in the prototyping process. The Barista was released in 2008.

  • You prefer the aesthetics or ergonomics
  • You prefer a balanced and/or lighter tamper
  • You want a metal handle
  • You want a particular colour that is only available in the Barista range
  • You want the flexibility of adjustable handle height
  • You prefer the comfort of the rubber finger area

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